Why Bonld?

Vertical integration

Bonld has six major bases respectively: shenzhen headquarter,jiangmen division,LGP division, driver division,rear cover division and aluminum division.Finished goods,include some main raw materials,all are manufactured by ourselves.

Fast delivery

Our factory has 5 floors, up to 16400 square
 feet, which contains 6 major workshops with
high manufacturing and processing ability,
monthly output of panel light is 3,000,000 pieces
and tube light 10,000,000 pieces

Cost advantage

Under the support of high vertical integration of production resources, large-scale production and scientific management, we conduct strict QC inspection, our production costs are 15% less than other manufacturers.

High quality & Certification


Our products have passed UL, DLC, FCC, Rohs,

SAA, TUV and CE .Production is in strict accordance

with the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 standard

operation, strictly control production process to improve quality. 

Technological Innovation

Our executives and R&D engineers have more than
10 years' experiences in LED lighting industry, what
we made is what you need .and we concentrate
on LED tube light,LED panel light,high bay and troffer light.

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